• Renovation & Restoration

    Renovation & Restoration

    Restoring structures with strength, beauty & current building codes.
  • Asbestos Abatement

    Asbestos Abatement

    Correctly removing asbestos with proper disposal techniques.
  • Lead Remediation

    Lead Remediation

    Proper removal and disposal of lead contamination.
  • Historic Remodeling

    Historic Remodeling

    Bringing historic architecture back to it's full function and beauty.
  • Masonry Repair & Renovation

    Masonry Repair & Renovation

    Brick, block, cement, stone... cleaning, restoration, refurbishment & repair.
  • Historic Window Specialist

    Historic Window Specialist

    Window renovations, replacement. Specialty glazing, sealing & cleaning.
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Recent Window Restoration Projects

  • Southland Wine Company Lofts Bill Chapman Enterprises North 17th Street Richmond, VA Wood
  • Banquet Place Laura Bryant 1129 Hull Street Richmond, VA Metal & Wood
  • Chatham Loft Apartments Candela Development, LLC 500 South Main St. Chatham, VA Metal & Wood (Historic)
  • PACE MacTavish Capstone Contracting Co. 1300 MacTavish Ave. Richmond, VA Metal (Historic)
  • Post Office Capstone Contracting Co. 415Oliver Hill Way Wood
  • Siamo Capstone Contracting Co. East Cary St. Richmond, VA Wood
  • Westhampton School Binswanger Glass, Inc. 5800 Patterson St. Richmond, VA Metal & Wood
  • 2605 West Cary Street Bohland & Graham 2605 West Cary St. Richmond, VA Metal
  • Restaurant @ The Blvd. Buz & Ned's Restaurant Boulevard Richmond, VA Metal
  • Building 167 Forest City Washington The Yards Washington, DC Metal (Historic)
  • Landmark Theater - Phase II Gilbane Building Company 6 North Laurel St. Richmond, VA Wood (Historic)
  • First National Bank Apts. HITT Contracting 823 East Main St. Richmond, VA Metal (Historic)
  • Cameron Building KBS, Inc. 2500 East Cary St. Richmond, VA Metal & Wood
  • Chimborazo Apartments KBS, Inc. 25th & Chimborazo St. Richmond, VA Wood (Historic)
  • Perry Street Lofts KBS, Inc. 109 Perry St. Petersburg, VA Metal (Historic)
  • Miller LIV Bldgs. KBS, Inc. Decatur & Stockton St. Richmond, VA Metal & Wood
  • BRD Building MGT Construction Winston Salem, NC Metal (Historic)
  • Lucky Strike Power Plant MGT Construction 1300 East Cary St. Richmond, VA Metal (Historic)
  • CP Dean Building Museum Resources 3001 Cutshaw Ave. Metal (Historic)
  • The Paper Company Lofts Paper Company, LLC 203 Hull Street Rd. Richmond, VA Metal (Historic)
  • Gold's Gym Premier Construction Group Norfolk, VA Metal (Historic)
  • Landmark Theater - Phase I Prestige Construction Group 6 North Laurel St. Richmond, VA Wood (Historic)
  • Firestone Building RAMZ, Inc. 818 West Grace St. Richmond, VA Metal & Wood
  • VCU Richmond Terminal Bldg. The Trent Corporation 814 - 816 West Broad St. Richmond, VA Metal & Wood (Historic)
  • Warehouses Louise Ware Hull Street Rd. Chesterfield, VA Metal & Wood
  • Miller & Rhoads Building Whiting-Turner West Broad St. Richmond, VA Metal (Historic)
  • Parc Deux WinMar Construction, Inc. Park & 14th Streets, Washington, DC Metal & Wood
  • Building 1 Z Corporation Naval Yard, Portsmouth, VA Metal & Wood (Historic)
  • About Blake Contracting

    blake-showcase-1-2Blake Contracting has been performing historic window restoration for more than fifteen years now, specializing in wood, steel and aluminum window restoration and glazing.  Naturally, these windows contain asbestos and lead paint and require qualified, regulatory compliance for abatement.  Our projects range in size from several thousand to more than one million dollars.  The size of your project bears no limitation on Blake’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and the absolute basics of getting the job  completed right the first time.

    • Blake Contracting estimated and proposed on 42 commercial projects in 2012. 
    • Our average job is $ 41,000 and more than half of our projects are valued over $50,000.
    • We completed major restoration work on the First National Bank Building (originally constructed circa 1918) a residential apartment loft conversion where more than 565 windows have been given another generation of viable use.
    Blake Contracting clients benefit from the single sourcing of multiple trades, whether it is a historic building renovation or a demolition/abatement project on a commercial site.  Think of Blake Contracting as your one stop Subcontractor for all your project’s environmental hazard abatement, demo, window and restoration needs.   Blake is accountable and quality driven  - maximizing our capabilities to effectively utilize materials and time/labor economies.  We consistently deliver quality workmanship on-time.

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    (804) 643-6650
    1506 Webster St., 
    Richmond, VA 23220
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    Clients Say...

    Blake Contracting just successfully completed the historic and new glazing at First National Bank Apartment Building in downtown Richmond for Hitt Contracting, Inc. and did a great job!  We will certainly use them again and recommend them for historic and new glazing work.


    Bernie Potere

    LEED APSr. Project Manager | Hitt Contracting, Inc.

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